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Workflow: Email Notification based on conditions ...

Question asked by bimi82 on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by colin_e

Hello Everybody


I am new here and hope to be able to learn and get some support

I am also new to SharePoint / Nintex and would ask for your patients.


Right, here we go...


I like to create a workflow to send an email out to certain users only when:


  • a new document has been added to a specific category
  • an existing document within specific category has been modified/changed/updated.



What I have done so far is, created a Document List with its categories and set up a filter as seen below:




I also created the workflow as following:




1st Condition (top)



2nd Condition (left branch)


Its purpose is to check if the uploaded file is NOT the same as other documents!
Hint: just noticed it should be "is not equal" but yeh ... I changed that in meantime and yet not working!



3rd Condition (right branch)


... this is a pain this!
The issue with the uploaded files is that the Uploaded on and Updated on - are only the same when
the user manages to upload the file within a minute ... otherwise there always be a time difference.


I am stuck how to get around this and driving me insane.
Probably, I am over-complicating it myself and it may be just a case of an easier solution.





Would be thankful if you can help me out