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Nintex Workflow 2013 - Query List Action questions

Question asked by teddyissam on Aug 13, 2014
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I am working on one PoC project using Nintex Workflow 2013. I found the Query List Action cannot work as expected and would like to ask advice. Here is the scenario:

  • Create two lists: Order and Order Detail.
  • Order has the columns: Title, Order No, Order Date
  • Order Detail has the columns: Title, Order No(Lookup column from Order table), Product, LogData(single line of text)
  • Workflow Logic
    • When there is new record created in Order list, it will trigger to create a new record in Order Detail with proper lookup column
    • It requires to query Order Detail list to get LogData information


I put a Query List Action and configure as below.

  • select the list is Order Detail
  • Using filter: Select items only when following is true, Order No is euqal to <ItemProperty: Order No>(this is from current item in Order list)
  • Output: specifiy item limit to 1, select field LogData and store into queryResult
  • Both <ItemProperty:Order No> and queryResult are logged in history
  • queryResult tried Single lin, multiple line, collection and all are empty
  • use Run Now to to verify the configuration. Replacing with the Order No value and it works perfectly
  • However it return empty when run the workflow. It is verified by history log.


Can anybody provide suggestions on the issue?