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Why does my Salesforce object relationship not work like it was for my DDP?

Question asked by jessica.pasley on Aug 10, 2016

I set up a DDP for a client with a couple different object relationships. All of these relationships were working and pulling in data perfectly for the different merge documents they need. I experienced and issue with someone deleting a report I was using to pull in data into one of the merge templates. I ended up upgrading the version of Drawloop the client had and fixing the report part. After that I noticed that my object relationships that were once working fine, were now behaving strangely. The data that was being merged in was coming from other "unrelated" records. I connected with Drawloop support and they created a SOQL relationship to fix the issue. What I'm curious about is why this happened in the first place. It now seems that when I create an object relationship to pull in information from a related object, it's not "working like it was before". Can anyone help me understand this?



Jessica Pasley