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Custom docusign DDP tags

Question asked by ymshell000 on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2016 by ymshell000

Hey there,


I have Docusign DDP tags in my contracts which provide the customers the designated spot/s for them to sign in.

I'd like to add additional fields to my DDP templates where the customer should be able to either modify the existing data or have the option add it if was blank.

I don't know how to get additional tags on my recipient records (Are there more options that can be added to the "Sign Options" picklist?), and any tags that I add in now are required.


So for example if I have a field on the contract for the customers phone number:

Basic question: Do I have access to an optional field tag, which I can put in an IF statement to generate the Docusign tag if there is not phone number on file?

Ideal functionality: Is there a way to tag the document so that that the data currently stored for that field will be displayed to the customer but they have the option to edit it?