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Problem with Pause Until and calculating the proper date

Question asked by siwyboy on Aug 10, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

Hi everyone!


I have a problem with very basic workflow and need your help to troubleshoot it. I'm not sure if this is a design or system issue.

The workflow looks like this:

Screenshot - 2016-08-10 , 16_33_50.jpg

I have a document library which got an extra Date/Time column called Expiration where users will be typing an expiration date of a file. The first workflow should send them notification one day before this date and the second one should delete the file.

I set a variable called ReminderDate (date/time type) to store the calculated date. The calculation looks like this:

Screenshot - 2016-08-10 , 16_34_23.jpg

and the Pause until... control is set like this:

Screenshot - 2016-08-10 , 16_35_09.jpg


The workflow is still in In Progress state even after the expiration date... It  holds on Pause Until... and won't get further.

I tried to lookup the column, but it also does not work:

Screenshot - 2016-08-10 , 16_35_59.jpg


I found those two topics, but the solution does not work for me:

I have a list that has fields for certain items with expiration dates. I'm suppose to build a workflow that will have to cleverly calculate the due date for an item - 20 days before they expire and generate a notification to an assignee notifying them of

Nintex Reminder, need to send reminder according to days left.

How do i initiate email reminder 30 days from the date in a field?


Thanks in advance!