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Display list in email and insert vaule to complete task

Question asked by nintpmti2016 on Aug 8, 2016
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I am very new to Nintex and need assistance.  If anyone could help me on this I appreciated it!


The initiator inserts their request and the workflow goes to their manager.  In the email notification (I'm using Flexi Task)  I want the manager to see all their requests for their department and the manager to be able to insert a value # (they make up) to insert in the list column for the initiator’s project request.

**I want them to view the list grid in the email notification, and by inserting the value # they approve this task.  I have a state machine with three states:  Submission, Manager Approval, and Project Creation.


  • Manger sees the list in their email, and able to view all the requests for his/her department
  • If they insert a value #, then the project request is approved.

How do I get the list to display in the email for only that manager to see his department’s project requests, and approve by inserting a value on the list? 


Thank you so much!!