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iterate list of modified/created records for Daily Emailing

Question asked by joec on Aug 9, 2016
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I have a SharePoint Team site where users come in during the day and create/edit records.  I would like to send out an Email digest at the end of the day that does the following:


1) For initiators; send a list of records that they edited/created

2) For the Manager; send a list of all records that were edited or created during the day.


I understand how to create the workflow and email content on a "per record basis" but not how to compile a digest of all edits.


Said another way, I do not know how to iterate through a list of SharePoint records and:

1) Compile a list of individual records edited by user X during the day and send that listing of of those individual records to user X

2) iterate through the records and send a the Manager a list of each record created/modified during the day.


I am assuming that this is a Site Wide workflow that will be developed and as such, can be scheduled to run once a day.


Are there any examples of how to iterate through records like this?  I did see some example involving the use of a Site Collection Variable but was confused.  Is the variable intended to have a number range or simply store all information in one long variable (and if the later, how to work this into my solution)


Thanks in advance.for any information that can help.