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installating nintex on only selected wfe's

Question asked by yianni.achele on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2016 by fhunth

I am working at a customer that has a sharepoint 2013 muli server farm hosting several web applications but not all of them require Nintex workflow.

The scenario i have is that we currently have 2 wfe's and 2 app servers. Nintex is currently activated on both wfe's which is fine. We are just about to deploy a new web application which we have found will require an additional 2 wfe's due to heavy load. This new web app does not require Nintex wf so we were planning on directing traffic for this new web app to these 2 new wfe's that does not have Nintex wf activated.

Ihave read that Nintex wf needs to be installed on all the wfe's or does it only need to be installed on the wfe's that need the Nintex service?


Thanks in advance