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On SharePoint are there any specific permissions needed to publish a workflow from Powershell?

Question asked by sonisick on Aug 9, 2016
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On my development (single-box machine), the following script worked well:



  $proxy=New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $WebSrvUrl -UseDefaultCredential


  #Get the Workflow from file

  $NWFcontent = get-content $WorkflowFile

  if ($ListName -eq "None")


  $proxy.PublishFromNWFXml($NWFcontent, $null, $WorkflowName, $true) 

                     write-host "Workflow $WorkflowName Published to Site"




  $proxy.PublishFromNWFXml($NWFcontent, $ListName, $WorkflowName, $true)

                        write-host "Workflow $WorkflowName Published to List: "$ListName



However, moving this to a production farm (multiple FrontEnds and App Servers)


The following line fails after waiting a long time:

$proxy=New-WebServiceProxy -Uri $WebSrvUrl -UseDefaultCredential


The PowerShell script is being run from the Farm Admin Account?

Is there some Permission to Nintex that I'm overlooking?