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unable to to load/Edit the form Request approval task form

Question asked by manjusha.koneti on Aug 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2016 by manjusha.koneti

Hi Guys,


Recently we have created a new share point site for Hongkong. This site has been creating from the backup of existing uk site, as hongkong site should resemble the same as uk site. as part of this backup all the lists & libraries, workflows & infopath forms have been exported to new site.


I can see couple of issues on Hongkong site workflows.


out of them one is issue with Nintex workflow action Request approval. When i click on Edit task Form of Request approval action, i couldn't load any form, neither default nor customized infopath form. On uk development site i have customized an infopath form for this request approval action. I have successfully exported this to UK Live site, which works brilliant. But on Hongkong site i count understand why i am unable to load the form at all, as you can see from below screenshot.It shows loading box after selecting Edit task form, but nothing happens after that. I have set everything, couldn't understand what the exact problem is.


I have also increased memory size from 8gb to 16gb, just in case if this might be the problem to fix. but i couldn't see any difference after that also