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Can a notification be sent to an email-enabled SharePoint list?

Question asked by ericpainter on Aug 9, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2016 by fhunth

We are using an email-enabled list (Announcements list) in SharePoint to capture intake for general support requests or form submissions.


For formalized requests that use Nintex Workflows, I've added a notification action send a notification to this email-enabled list. However, even after one business day, the notification does not appear in the target list. I receive no error from the workflow, so I'm thinking there is no issue with sending, but receiving; perhaps there is Exchange-related data the list needs to see in the incoming notification in order to receive it? Just not sure how to tackle this one.


The email-enabled list is able to receive other emails from outlook/exchange without any issue.


Any help is appreciated!



Specs: SP 2013 on-prem w/Nintex Workflows 2013 Standard edition