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Build String - Conditionally (blank exceptions)

Question asked by on Aug 5, 2016
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Hi all,


I'm wondering if there is a use the build string function based on conditionally set values and exclude the blanks.


I have a workflow that checks whether multiple fields are blank vs corrected. If the field does have text in it, I want to create a summary only including the fields that are not blank.


Maybe I'm overthinking this but I can't seem to get it to work.


Exam fields:

NameCorrected Nameaddress1corrected address1city corrected CityZipcorrected zip
Joe25somewhere205 anywherehome12345


From this ample, I would need the "Corrections Summary" to be "Address1"


but if there were a city correction as well, I'd need it to be:




I think I'm close to having this work but my result ended up being: <br><br>Address1<br><br>


Any help would be appreciated