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Disable/hide Save Conflict error message

Question asked by themos on Aug 4, 2016



Hope someone has some idea/workaround for this issue, it's turning out to be a serious problem for us!


I have a Nintex form for data entry, and a Nintex workflow for running some tasks in the background (and eventually updating the current item).

The problem is, after saving the form (and thus triggering the WF to start), I force the page to post back to itself (by using JS to replace the &source= value in the form's action property).

However, after making some changes to the Nintex form, as soon as I try to re-save the item I get the infamous Save Conflict error message!


What I was wondering is, is there a way to bypass this error message, or at least make it fail silently?!

Or a way to force the issue to be treated as a race condition between the Workflow and the Form? whoever saves last wins??