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Change of Email Content for Reminder Emails in Assign-Flexi Task

Question asked by b_dheeraj on Aug 3, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by b_dheeraj

Hello All,


I have a question about the Nintex Assign Flexi-task. I have a workflow  that send out the task to the assigned person from a SharePoint list and in the bosy of the email we have the assigned to Display Name which is used to display the full name of the assigned person.


Now my questions as a part Felxi-Task we have a functionality to Re-Assign the flex- task to another user, but my problem is even when i re-assign to the differnet user i'm seeing the original Assined-To Display Name in the Re-Assigned Emails.


Is there a way to change the Customize the body of Re-Assign Emails in the Felxi-Taks.


Any help is appreciated.