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Search Query - Property Restrictions / Results

Question asked by rhia Champion on Aug 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by rhia

Hi all!


I've been looking all over for information regarding the "Search Query" action, but I can't find anything. Even Nintex's default help page tells me little to nothing about it - probably because it's assuming that I know way more about SharePoint than I actually do!


What I'd like to do is search across all sites for content that has been modified within a particular date / time range, and return the Item URL for that content. Seems like it should be doable - right? But I've no clue how to set that up.


Looking at the Search Property Restrictions, I've tried to define "DisplayDate" as "equals to" Current Date. Just as a basic item .. but that certainly doesn't work.


I've found that I can easily return results if I enter a Result specific Word / Words ... but in this case all I want to search by is modified date.

What I'm starting to wonder is if it a "Result Type" needs to be defined for EVERY result in the tons of sites / subsites to be able to search that widely...?


ANYTHING you can tell me would be greatly appreciated - links, examples, anything.


Thanks folks!