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Workflows do not continue anymore after Nintex Workflow 2013 update

Question asked by nrw_itkm on Aug 5, 2016
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I seem to have the same problem updating Nintex Workflow again. The last time i thought it would occur only this single time but as i find now, I was wrong.


I just updated my Nintex Workflow 2013 from Version to Version Yes this is a big gap in Versions but this is not the source of the problem I think (because i had the same problem when i updated Nintex the last time and the Version gap was quite small). I used the nintex tutorial for updating Nintex Workflow so i also did an iisreset and reset the timer Service.


So what is the problem?

After the update I cannot continue running Workflows. Finishing a workflow task from a running workflow does not continue the workflow. When I then try to finish the task again SharePoint says that the task is locked by a running workflow (in ULS log). I tried activating the Workflow timer Job again and also the script suggested in the thread  Task Lock - Task is locked by a running workflow and cannot be edited, but both Solutions didnt work for me. When I use the script the task gets unlocked and the next time I try to finish it there is no error concerning a locked task, but the workflow does still not continue... It seems the workflow does not get the information from the task being finished. Maybe ID problems!?

If I start a new workflow everything works like expected. I only have problems with the workflows that were running before the update.


Do you guys have any further suggestions/ideas? I would really appreciate it.


Thanks in advance!