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Import list workflow fails

Question asked by worie on Aug 2, 2016
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I'm a bit new to Nintex. Recently, I designed a workflow under guidance of an experienced Nintex designer, ran the WF once and afterwards exported the workflow as a backup copy (we didn't want to leave the WF accessible to others on the site since it altered permissions of list items).


Now this backup copy is needed again. However, when attempting to import the .nwf file into a new list workflow, I receive an error message, that the workflow cannot be imported as a site workflow (which I didn't attempt). How can I re-import this WF template? I would redevelop the workflow myself, but I lack the knowledge and the original designer is on vacation.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Kind regards from Germany,




EDIT: I found the solution. The error message was a bit wrong, since the NWF file was indeed a website workflow template and not a list workflow template. Therefore the error message didn't make any sense in hindsight.