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optional tasks & parallel actions?

Question asked by rebekah.pierce on Aug 2, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by pwp08a

I am brand new to Nintex and while I'm waiting for my "official training" I'm trying to figure things out by doing. Any help for a newbie is much appreciated !


My first 2 questions are is it possible to include optional tasks in the workflow, and do so as a parallel action, but not force the workflow to wait for an optional task to be completed (which it might never be) ?


When a new item is created I want 3 things to happen simultaneously :

1 - send a notification to specific people

2 - send an optional task to a specific person to review & provide comments only (Request Review, but optional ?)

3 - send an approval task to the validator(s) - either Request Approval or a Flexi-task, I'm not sure yet which is better to use in my case


The main task of course is the approval task - the approval will be made regardless of whether the other person provides any comments. After the approval is made there should be immediately 2 more simultaneous actions : a) send notification; and b) To-do task. These actions should not have to wait for the optional comments. Once the To-do task is complete the workflow is done.


This is what I have come up with, but since I can't publish/test I don't know if it will work like I think - it is the Request Review that has me completely stumped :