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For Each Loop not completing all tasks in loop

Question asked by courtney.shelton Champion on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by jackgelo

So I have a site workflow that runs daily that is supposed to look at a list and find ones where the "Next Review Date" == Today. For items where this is true, it's supposed to set the columns "Status" and "WFStatus" to "Expired" and then begin a list workflow for these items. The list workflow then checks to see if "Status" == Expired and if "Next Review Date" == Today and then complete some actions if so.


The issue I'm having is if there is more than one list item where "Next Review Date" == Today. For the first one, it does everything correctly. For the second one, it doesn't update the field values, but it does start the workflow. But since the conditions in the List Workflow aren't met, the list workflow exits.


Here is how the Query List Action is configured:


I tried having it give a separate output per column as well, which didn't give any different results.


Here is what's after the Query:



And here's how the For Each is set up:


I can see in the Site Workflow logs that it is seeing two items that meet the criteria and then when I go to each item in the list I can see that the list workflow was started, but on one of them, the fields haven't been updated.