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Creating a Webpage from a workflow

Question asked by robg on Aug 1, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2016 by robg


Maybe this has already been asked in the past and my google-fu is weak, if someone could provide some insight that would be great.


I have an announcements (Discussion) list that I want to do the following with:

When a new announcement is created, I would like a Nintex workflow to kick off and create a new webpage based on the title of the announcement and the page contains the body of the announcement.



Title of announcement = Capital restructure (Subject) gets created in /lists/blah with multiple lines of text for the body.

When this is submitted, I would like the webpage "capital restructure.aspx" to be created in /sites/pages with the body of the page to contain the body of the announcement (discussion).

Has anyone (I am sure someone has) done this before and if so some direction in how to go about this