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Running site workflows on lookup fields in a list

Question asked by shuttjo on Jul 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by greenawayr

Ok so, I have a Main list to where I created a lookup column (we will call this Audit Type for Lookup) to another list on my SharePoint. My Main list column was created to look at this other lookup list and pull in a assigned to name (Audit Owner), depending on the audit type listed on the main list (Audit Type for Lookup). All works fine but it appears to have affected my site workflow. I have a site workflow setup to run every night to move anything that still has a current due date, to a past due list. So on my site workflow to move to Past Due, I added to my create action that i already had to also move the Audit Type for Lookup field from my Main list. I did this because I am also added the same lookup field on the Past Due list to pull in "Audit Owner". Well, nothing moved to my past due list last night. Did this lookup field affect my workflow?


So what I tried to do this morning was, remove that field from my create item action and create a whole separate site workflow on Past Due to query the Audit Type column (yes, this is the same field as Audit Type for Lookup as I could not figure out how to lookup on the same list) on the Past Due and put it in a collection. Then I want to update this field (Audit Type for Lookup) on the Past Due to what is in Audit Type. Then that would lookup to my external list like the Main list did. Hope this all makes sense.


Also, I mentioned above that I could not figure out how to lookup using a column on the same lit I am running the lookup from. Is this possible? I can only figure out how to lookup to an external list. Can this be done?


Cassy Freeman or anyone