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Issue with Snippet in Site Collection Reusable Workflow Template

Question asked by bbeck on Jul 28, 2016
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I have one site collection that I'm working with. Under the root site I have a Departments web and under that I have an SP Training web. My end goal was to have a site collection reusable workflow template that I could use across multiple Announcement and Event lists based on some common fields. Per recommendation in this article (Nintex Reusable Site Collection Workflows are Sweet - Viewpoint - Rightpoint Consulting ), I created a list workflow in the SP Training web as follows:

  • Added an action set, dragged the workflow actions into it and saved the Action Set as a Snippet titled "Item Approval Action Set"
  • Published the list workflow and tested it on the list to ensure it worked.
  • Created a New Site Collection Reusable Workflow Template
  • Added the "list workflow" to it from "My Snippets" > "Item Approval Action Set" section of the Workflow Actions.
  • Lastly I published the site collection reusable workflow. See attached image "Nintex-SourceWF"


I've had to make a few changes to the workflow since initial publish and never had any issue. Steps include:

  • Update the list workflow
  • re-save the snippet and overwrite existing
  • Publish list workflow.
  • Go to "Manage Site Collection Reusable Workflow"
  • From there, I would delete the existing Action Set and re-add it from My Snippets. Then Publish that version.

The issue I'm running into is that I have two "Update list item" actions in the workflow based on custom field: "Item Approval" with three choices: Pending / Approve / Reject. When I maximize the action set, I see that the "Update list item" action is not configured (however, in the source "list workflow" these are configured correctly).  See attached image "Nintex-ReusableWF"


When I try to change the values to Approve or Reject for Item Approval field, the only fields that display are "Content Type" and "Title". None of my other fields, namely "Item Approval", show up - see attached.

I'm confused as to why this worked several times before, but not now. Should I have simply created Site Collection Reusable Workflow from the root site? I thought using my list was better as it has several shared fields that I need in the workflow.