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Sending a Email to People or Group Field That Are Tagged In Mutiple Items

Question asked by jpage3125 on Jul 29, 2016
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I'm having trouble creating a Nintex workflow for a list. I have a list of companies in SharePoint 2013 that I trying to create relationships between. In doing this, each company has 4 statuses (choice field) (account team review, entitlement team review, master data review, and complete). Based upon the item's current status, I'm trying to send an email notification to people every Monday and Wednesday.


For example, John Doe is an account manager for 50 companies and he'll receive an email every Monday and Wednesday until he complete his task and he sets each companies status to the next step (entitlement team review). However, John will need to receive one email with a list of the items or companies he's be tasked to review.


Please help!