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Using the Approval URL in the Task Description of an Approval Task in the 'Action' tab

Question asked by bobbygriffiths on Jul 29, 2016


I'm currently trying to add a description to the approval task that'll list a load of information just above the 'Approve/Reject' buttons on the standard approval task.

What I'm trying to do is add a link to this description that the user can click to take them to the 'edit' form (which I have gotten working) but what I really want to do is edit the 'Source' of the URL to redirect the user back to the approval task once complete.


In the 'Task notification' tab I have the option to select the 'Common:ApprovalURL' reference:

tab 2.PNG


Which when I add it to the email notification works perfectly as a link to the task itself... However I want to add it to the 'Action' page - 

tab 1.PNG

But it is missing!


Other options I'd thought about were building a URL using the Workflow ID - however it turns out that the ID isn't physically saved anywhere until after the task is complete!!


Any assistance on this would be amazing!!