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Workflow works on some items during bulk filing but not all

Question asked by on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by philipplucas



I built a simple workflow that...

  • receives an email to a document library using an outlook plugin
  • reads a 7 digit reference number from the subject using regex and saves reference to a variable
  • uses variable to lookup a list and pull back more info to populate additional columns


It worked fine when I was testing it on an item but when I do a more realistic test such as filing 10-20 items it errors on the majority and works on the remaining ones.


Example. Subject: Dear student 7012345 your application has been received


Email is filed to SharePoint using plugin.

Nintex extracts 7012345 into a variable and looks it up against another list with 'query list' and returns associated columns such as Surname and Forename.


End result is an email tagged with a students name and reference number.


If it works one at a time, why isn't it working correctly when filing items in bulk? Is it because I'm using filename in the workflow or triggering simultaneous regex calculation and/or query lists?


Thanks for any tips.