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Advice Wanted: Best user experience for making approval and needing to review a form

Question asked by peterbehler on Aug 12, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2014 by jan

Currently we use a lot of forms, InfoPath forms for forms libraries. Previously I was using webservices to add the Flexi-Task response directly to my forms when an approval is pending. Now that I graduated to Claims based Auth, I no longer have that option. So I'm looking for advice on how other people are handling the situation and giving users the best experience (aka less clicks and screens)


Workflow sends an email to approver.

Approver opens an email and needs to review/edit the form details before making a decision

They click the link to open the item, which opens a web browser and item view/edit.

Approver needs to go back to the email, click on the link to make an approval response.

Opens another tab or re-opens the browser and it loads the approval screen (Which is not tailored and way too many fields)

After making response they close the screen.


When I first rolled it out, 90% of the users (who are not fond of computers and want to be at a computer least as possible) mentioned that was a pain in the arse. Open one link to view it and another link to approve it.


I may go the lazy approval route so that they use one link to review/edit it, and reply to email to approve.  One less click is faster. I just wish I could find a way to make lazy approval not include the Original Text from the email.