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Flexi-task action sends email before creating the Workflow task

Question asked by sharepointfrancois on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by philipplucas

SharePoint 2013 on-premises.

We have a strange behaviour on 2 separate environments (read: different server, sql database).


When the Flexi-Task action is processed user gets the approval request email and if he /she clicks the Workflow Task link from the email, SharePoint shows the "item not found or has been deleted " message.

Now wait 10 seconds, click the link again: page item opens ok.


This seems to be that the workflow item is not yet created, despite the workflow action having sent the email notification.


Is there any way to accelerating the task creation, but more realistically how to not send the approval email before the workflow task is finished creating ?


I have tested on a VM environment and it works as expected, so I am puzzled by what is happening in the environment above, and more strange that this is happening on 2 distinct farms, but not my own VM.


many thanks.