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How to create a report of all workflow history for a list item?

Question asked by dipetersen on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2016 by erkindunya

I am trying to create a report (exportable to Excel or viewable online) that will display all workflow comments for a particular list item.  I can click on each individual workflow and see the history, but I'd like to combine all instances of that workflow for a particular list item and be able to export it.  I want to analyze the comments left by the users to determine if there are any common issues that my users are experiencing with the automated business process.


I found the hidden workflow history list.  I think this could be a good source of the data, but I'm not sure. It is also listed by GUID so the filters aren't user friendly.  Ideally, I'd be able to pick a list item and a workflow and see all the history.  I'd be able to export it to Excel or view it online.


I also noticed that there is a web service call that is named, GetAllWorkflowHistoryForListItem.  This looks promising, but I'm not sure if that is accessible via client-side code (JavaScript). 


Any ideas?