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Nintex mobile file is missing

Question asked by chrissnc on Jul 27, 2016
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We have published a form to mobile that is going to see 50 offline submissions a day per person that will be sent at the end of the day when they have internet connection as most of the day they will be out of service area.  Each record will have 6 live pictures taken with the application.


During a load test we created 50+ records offline and then reconnected to the network to see what would happen as the forms were submitted.  We ran into several instances of ***.jpg file is missing error as our forms in the outbox were being submitted.


There doesn't seem to be any way to see which pictures are attached to the record in the outbox to determine what is there for I can re-attach the bad picture and resubmit the record.   All I see is blank items with an X in the middle of it and the picture never seems to download or indicate the file names for the multiple pictures attached to the record making it extremely difficult to do a new submission.