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How to get XML from Historical Forms Without Named Controls

Question asked by rhia Champion on Jul 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by rhia

Hi there!




I've recently taken over a fairly large chunk of Nintex work, and I now have a request to build a spreadsheet from list data. That's fine, as these folks have been using Nintex Forms foreeeeever.




The form they want the information drawn from, at least 75% of them are unnamed AND unconnected.

Originally I thought I would just name the form fields (done now) and draw the XML (hoping it would go retroactively) .. but alas, that does not seem to work.

Then I thought maybe if I build out columns and connect them to the controls, that'd pull the data over.  Nope.


So now I'm trying to just pull over a big ole' chunk of XML but it's bringing back this:


XML = <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><FormVariables><Version /><b1e6e78c-911a-4353-9194-d6dbdb62a94d type="System.Boolean">True</b1e6e78c-911a-4353-9194-d6dbdb62a94d><f19cf139-b594-42f6-87d8-d04106c6d024 type="System.Boolean">True</f19cf139-b594-42


And thaaaaat's it.


This is a form with 22 controls I need to draw from.


What the heck, folks. Any thoughts here? What's the best way of getting this historical XML form data into columns for over 200 records?