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Need Help with Formatting Rule needed to Hide a Label and a Single Line Textbox.

Question asked by fkc99 on Jul 22, 2016
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Formatting Rule to hide Label and Single Line Textbox when a Pulldown Menu chooses 'Other'. The Pulldown menu is a 'List Lookup' Form Control with the column named 'Competitive Strategy' defined in the Forms List as a 'Lookup' to another list named 'CompetitiveStrategy' with a column named 'Title'. This list has 4 items in this list with one having a Title for the item = 'Other'. When someone is filling out the form and on the Pulldown menu they choose 'Other' as the option I need to have a Nintex Form 'Formatting Rule' defined to show the previously hidden 'Label' and 'Single Line Textbox' to the user filling out the form. I need some guidance in creating the correct rule to make this happen. I've spent a day reading and I'm unsure how to make this happen. Should I choose in the Rule a 'Condition' for 'Lookup' to make this happen or 'parseLookup' since my pulldown menu is based on a List Lookup? Any help would be appreciated as I'm stuck at the moment.