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Assigning Flexi-task Conditionally

Question asked by bobbygriffiths on Jul 22, 2016
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Hello All!


Here's the situation I am in... I've created a list that consolidates items using a data connection in excel. This excel document (stored in SharePoint) requires management approval on a monthly basis. At present I have several managers assigned in the flexi-task action and every month an approval email is sent to them all. I use the 'all must agree' on approval function, once all have approved the document the workflow moves on.


Here's the problem...  Once a user submits a list item, the users manager and the current month (i.e. 'July 2016') are added to the list item. On a monthly basis 'Manager A' may have 10 items they need to view on the consolidated document and approve. 'Manager B & C' may have 5 items each... So they need to do the same. 'Manager D' may have zero items to review this month <--- In this instance I do not want that manager to have to approve the document on the month in question, I only want the flexi-task to be assigned to those with items to approve.


Can anybody see any way to do this?


Many thanks.