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Creating URLs within an email\task behaviour

Question asked by carl.taute on Jul 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by emha

Hi, I would appreciate some assistance if possible


Requirement: People who are assigned a Workflow Flexitask would like a hyperlink to the Workflow "Status" view (NOT Workflow LOG URL as this has verbose info which will confuse them, and not the Workflow Status URL)


The required view is browsed to by:

1) selecting the document in the sharepoint library, and clicking "Workflows"

2) click the workflow which is running

3) you are then taken to the Workflow Information screen seen below. The URL is https://sharepoint/CT/_layouts/15/WrkStat.aspx?List=%7b5C7F4A4F-84D3-497B-9E1A-88C3DEF5F4DD%7d&WorkflowInstanceID=%7bc0f…  .



Problem:     Nintex References do not have a common item for this URL (which I think it should have? Correct me if it does). It only has to Workflow Log URL and Workflow Status URL, both of which are not the URL above.


My Solution:     Build a custom URL to the required page. The first part of the url all the way up to "WorflowInstanceID" appears to be static. The Workflow Instance ID is a reference which can be inserted. I therefore insert the following into my email:


Problem: 1) When I publish and run the workflow, the email which is sent is actually correct - it has the entire correct URL populated. However, the hyperlink itself does not completely "underline" and therefore when you click on it, it does not register the entire link. See 1st screenshot



Thanks in advance