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Error in request approval action

Question asked by manjusha.koneti on Jul 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2016 by manjusha.koneti


I have been getting an issue after approving the checklist form (info path form) by one of our managers & it comes randomly. This checklist form will be generated once all the tasks completed for the day. I have configured this form using Request Approval Action of Nintex workflow.

My workflow holds following actions.once form is approved, further actions in workflow updates the columns of the same tasks (on which the workflow is running) with values (sign off Manager name & comments) retrieved from the approved checklist form.



The Error says "Error in request approval action. Unauthorized attempt to update approval task by Manager. The response has not been recorded."

Unfortunately i cannot replicate the same issue on Development environment side it occurs randomly on Live side only. when i go and check in sharepoint list sign off & comments columns are not updated to values provided in checklist form. I gave all the control and full permissions to the managers to update item as well.




Could someone please help to solve this issue  ?