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Problems Publishing to a new site from webservice call through PowerShell

Question asked by sonisick on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2016 by shrinivasnaik

Most Workflows, List and Site, publish from the attached script.  I have found two that have been giving me problems.

I use this script to publish my workflows. The ones with no dependencies on other workflows are published first.


The PowerShell Line returns a True or False indicating whether it successfully published or not:


      $proxy.PublishFromNWFXml($NWFcontent, $null, $WorkflowName, $true)


The first problem workflow had to be published twice. Don't know why--worked the second time.


The second was more problematic and required a manual intervention. Two Items had exclamation points. All I had to do was to physically enter the configuration and exit it. I changed nothing. The workflow compiled.


I'm thinking that Nintex may have a problem with fieldname beginning with underscores.



Just looking for a way to automate this.