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New Nintex Forms Upgrade Issue

Question asked by bhutim on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by jesse.mchargue

Hi Guys


I hope some of you have seen this before. We recently upgraded our Nintex forms to the latest and now we have run into an issue where our hide and show scripts are not working so well. Before the upgrade this was working wonders but after the upgrade controls are appearing on top of controls and its looking clumsy.

Has anyone seen this before?

Our version of Nintex forms is

This happens when you have logic that show one control and hiding another one in the same place. Below are two forms one initial and one when it supposed to show new controls on top of the other.



After clicking the first No then my form looks like this:


What's suppose to happen is Traveller name to remain where it is and the text box next to it to be replaced by a hidden textbox which only becomes visible when you click No. So it looks like the whole line get moved up because even International trip does not changed but you see it has moved up in the 2nd screen.


You help will be appreciated.



Bhuti Mbele

Vadim Tabakman Davison Matanga