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How to assign variables based on user choice

Question asked by aatkco on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by aatkco

Hello Everyone, I have a choice control (radio buttons) that shows person 1, person 2 or your own choice. I couldn't get people picker to be the allow fill-in choices, so I disabled allow fill-in and inserted people picker control just next to the choice:


So my question is how can I implement this:

If choice = "Manager", {WorlflowVariables:notified} = {WorlflowVariables:Manager}

If choice = "Supervisor", {WorlflowVariables:notified} = {WorlflowVariables:Supervisor}

If choice = "Choose yourself:", {WorlflowVariables:notified} = {WorlflowVariables:PeoplePickerBox}


Any help is appreciated. Thank you

P.S. {WorlflowVariables:Manager} and {WorlflowVariables:Supervisor} are variables connected to calculated values, I noticed they usually don't get values until form is submitted.