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Using a lookup column with lookup formula

Question asked by germanman on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2018 by ryk

I am trying to use a lookup function in a calculated field to display the fields of one item from a different list in my form. The context is a dashboard that allows the users to make forecasts of the workers needed for a particular project throughout the year. Below is my lookup formula

lookup("Investments", "Title", "Linked_Investment:Title","Number_of_Interfaces")

"Investments" is the list that I want to query. "Title" is the column holding the names of all of the projects. "Linked_Investment:Title" is the name of the column on the form for which the form I am making exists. It references the Investments list and stores the Title of the item I want to retrieve. "Number_of_Interfaces" is the project detail I want to retrieve from the Investments list. When I test the form, it starts to load then goes blank. I know I could get this information in a list view but I have too many columns to use one view and making multiple views would clutter the sharepoint page in a way that would confuse the user. Is there something I am missing on this lookup function?