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Update Lookup Column with Variable

Question asked by andreapasutti on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2016 by andreapasutti

Hello again.


I’ve previously posted about another workflow in this project and now the scope of the project has grown to include yet another new workflow. Long story short: I am uploading a text file to a library and have a workflow that parses the data and either updates an existing item in the Account Number list or creates a new item. The workflow works just fine when updating text fields. I’m having trouble updating a Lookup field with the data that’s been parsed from the text file and stored in a text variable. I know how to configure a workflow to update a Lookup field when I create or update an item in List B with data from List A. I don’t know how to do it when updating from Text File to List A. I have to keep the field a Lookup field because it’s used to make the cascading dropdowns in my form. I have found many, many discussions about updating Lookup columns and the answers range from java script to Call Web Service actions, but I know it must be simpler than that. There must be a way to update or create an item with a Lookup column and populate that column with data stored in a variable. Any suggestions? And if you have the answer, can you provide some sort of explanation as to why it would work one way and not another? I’ve included a screenshot of a configuration that does not work.