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How do I tell nintex how to choose a month 4-12 months from now?

Question asked by bgutz on Jul 18, 2016
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Story:  The user goes to a form and fills out budget and forecast information.  I have to do some math and plug the resulting number into future months. Like a forecast.   I think I can just create monthly columns into the future.  But how do I tell the workflow to choose a month in the future and start there?


I have to take a budget dollar amount (var_da).  Then divide it by the number of months (var_m) for accrual.

(var_da)/(var_m) = dollar amount per month (var_dpm)


Pretty simple so for.. right?


The user then chooses how many months of accrual and what month to start.

I capture the how many months variable. (var_m)

I capture the what month to start variable. (var_msd)


How do I build this part of the workflow where I'm plugging in the (var_dpm) into the month to start column for (var_m) months?