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Nintex Workflow / Forms 2010 - Domain Migration

Question asked by mhunziker on Jul 19, 2016
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We are currently planning a migration to new Domain and I'm looking for the correct steps for the migration. We have a lot of Nintex Workflows and some Forms in use. Some of the workflows are running for a really long time (sometimes 1 year or even longer).


What are the correct steps for the migration?  I saw the Tool "NWAdmin.exe -o MigrateUser -oldUser originalUsername -newUser newUsername" for this. Do we have to set this command right after we moved the Users in SharePoint with the "Move SPUser -Identity domain\olduser -NewAlias domain\newuser -IgnoreSID" ? It is planned to move about 50 Users per night. In total we have about 6000 Users.


What will happen to the currently running Workflows? I am a little bit confused, because the NWAdmin Operations Document shows the Information "Changes are only made to historic workflow data and user settings. Workflow definitions and running workflows are not changed."


Is there something else, that we have to be aware of? Maybe someone has already gone through this process and can tell me some of their experiences.


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