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Update metadata to PDF Transformed document with a CAML query

Question asked by hsaab on Jul 18, 2016

Hi everybody !


I convert document items to PDF. To do so, I use the Convert to PDF action. I retrieve from this one, the DestinationURL. Then, I need to retrieve the ID of this newly created PDF document. To do so, I use the action "Query List"  and I also need to do this query with a CAML (for generic purposes  - we deploy such a workflow to many document libraries with different names)

I use the following CAML query.



<List Title="{Common:ListName}" />




<FieldRef Name="FileRef" />

<Value Type="Lookup">{WorkflowVariable:destinationURL}/{Common:ItemDisplayName}.pdf</Value>



   <ViewAttributes Scope="Recursive" />


<FieldRef Name="ID" />




I don't know why, but I'm not receiving any data in return. Am I missing something? Should I  use another field (now I'm using "FileRed" because I can  construct the URL to this new pdf) ?


If I use a simple query builder, it works. Is something missing maybe in the CAML?