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Why does the Runtime function 'lookup' asks for display names instead of internal names?!

Question asked by lonesurvivor on Jul 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by lonesurvivor

Hi everybody,


I just stumbled over the runtime function lookup. Why needs this display names for list- and column-names instead of internal names?!

This makes absolutely no sense because as soon someone renames a column or a list, it doesn't work any longer.


Even more worse is the fact that if your website supports multilingualism and a list or column has naturally another displayname than in english, the form crashes because the lookup-function doesn't find the list or column.


In my case, two lists "aTranslation" and "bTranslation" were created and renamed afterwards both to "Translation". So the lookup-function uses the first list, it find's with this name.


This makes the function absolutely useless. Is there an alternative for this?


Greetings from Nuremberg




In Nintex's JavaScript-Function in File RuntimeFunctions.js line 436 the client object model function get_lists().getByTitle(self.listName) is used.

I think, it would be useful to enhance the code by checking if listName is a GUID and if so, call .getById(self.listName). So the list would be obvious.