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Choose a Dynamic Number of Approvers from a lookup list

Question asked by westerdaled on Jul 14, 2016




I have two SharePoint Online lists


  1. Working Docs Library
  2. Working Docs Management



Now I have a lookup from the Working Docs Library to allow me to reference Working Docs Management. Now I can access columns in my lookup list such as  multi select  Person column: Approvers or Editors - my current thinking is to let someone else manage this list and allow normal users to concentrate on the document edits.

My workflow detects changes to the Working DOcs Library item but does a lookup on Working docs management to figure out what to do next.


This issue is with a Query Item I can lookup the record in question  but I am not able to populate my collection variable with my 2 users


Multi User request.png



I know I can build a Nintex form and seed a  Text Column with the  concatenated User names but I would also need to accommodate metadata selection available

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