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Use Mass Report's mass recipient list to send to emails stored in a text field.

Question asked by brc-perc on Jul 14, 2016

I have a custom object, Chapter. On the chapter is a text field w/ a list of email(s) that need to receive a monthly report of their members ("Email Group"). I have a Scheduled DDP report into which I want to pass the chapter name and send to the emails in Email Group on the chapter record. Is there anyway to use something other than the contact/user/lead ID on a Mass Recipient report to send emails (even in the Additional To, CC, BCC fields).


In a regular DDP, I can do all that by using tagged fields, like pv0=<<Chapter_Name>> in the report and <<Email_Group>> in any of the additional To, CC, BCC fields.

In a Scheduled Report DDP, I can add a Mass Recipient Report with contacts/leads/users as the recipients and any value I want to pass into the XLS file w/ !param# mergefields, one line per chapter. So, I can send an email to each chapter with a contact record. But I don't see anyway to actually send the email to something other than a contact/lead/user or to merge data from the Mass Recipient report into one of the Additional To, CC, BCC fields. I need to basically pass a !param# to the To: field.


There are several hundred chapters w/ multiple emails that need to be sent to for each report send, and maintaining a contact list and separate distribution list for each chapter, when the emails already exist on the Chapter record themselves is not feasible. And without passing the emails via !param, I'll have to maintain a Scheduled DDP per chapter and hard code the pv and the To/CC/BCC fields. Since they have 3 types of reports to send at different times, that's hundreds of DDP records. Neither is very useful. Ideas? Thanks!