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How can i extract the XML from a Nintex Form entry using Nintex Workflow

Question asked by reub77 on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2016 by emha

I am trying to create valid XML markup from a Nintex Form. I have several repeating tables within the form. So far i've haven't been successful. Here's what i've found, maybe i'm doing something wrong:

- repeating table markup can be grabbed from a field when assigned to that field but it shows up with " < > etc. I'd like it to be valid code

- when using this URL:{207DA2C0-19D7-4590-B6A1-158210A8B6F2}&XMLDATA=TRUE

All i get are the fields in my form and no actual values (not sure how i would filter the URL to display a specific item and its values)

- I'm guessing i need to use Query XML or a Web Service Call of some kind but so far nothing has worked

- I tried assigning the Form Data value to a column but it dodn't look like XML.


Any ideas? I need it in XML because i'd like to input it into another application we can't integrate directly with yet.