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Republish site workflow through Powershell

Question asked by rcuscaden on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by akrasheninnikov

So I have been testing the great script written by Vadim Tabakman (below) to republish workflows; but I am having issues with the Site Workflows.  I am using this on a SharePoint 2013 farm.


All of the list workflows republish just fine but any site workflows do not get republished at all.  It seems that the web service is being called with the $list value of "Site Workflow" for these site workflows.  Has anyone run across this before or have any ideas?


The code that should be doing the work is:

$publishresult = $page.PublishFromNWFXml($exportedworkflow,$list,$workflowname,$True);


But I think that the $list value of "Site Workflow" is not found, so nothing happens.  Other than this, the script works great and is very helpful.  Thanks Vadim!


Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you for your time

Rob C