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Item disappears when Workflow begins

Question asked by sekwah on Aug 10, 2014
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I created a Workflow this morning that would send a Notification E-mail and Remove the current users access to the item, while granting access to another user, I also have a Commit pending Changes option at the end of this Workflow. Previously I had this set up as two separate Workflows, but theough that they were in the incorrect order as the notification did not always get delivered.

I diabled the 2 old Workflows and published the new workflow.

I have since received reports of the items where that workflow has been initiated have disappeared. I applied the workflow to an item and the item disappeared.

The notification e-mail sent with the link the item included (as per the Workflow) when I click on the item link in the e-mail an error appears advising that the item has been deleted or the name changed.

I have searched for the item using the search function, which has not resulted in anything, neither has looking in the Recycle Bin.


Can you please advise what I did to create this error and how I can avoid it in the future as well as where my items went.