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Maintaining format in Rich Text Fields

Question asked by pgbcld on Jul 11, 2016

How can I control the size of the indents in a bulletted list when pulling data from a Rich Text Field into Word via Drawloop?  I realize this may be more of a 'Word' question, but was hoping others here may have faced this.  It's simple enough in Word to adjust the spacing of bullets and the text that follows it.  However, because this is a Word template, meant to be merged with data from SFDC, the text I'd like to format doesn't exist (yet) in the template.  I hope the attached image shows my problem. 


I've got Rich Text in SFDC.  When I pull that field into Word, the spacing on the bullets is larger than I would like.  I can edit the individual document to fix this spacing, but the point of the merge is so I don't have to edit the Word doc after merging.  I'd like to set the format of the indents/bullets in the template so the document is correct as soon as the merge is done.  I don't think this should matter, but the text in question is in a table within a table and is only displayed under certain conditions.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance,