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Adding stages for management approval within a flexi task

Question asked by dhamerman on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2016 by cazza162

I have a use case where I am assigning a flexi task to a group who must all agree on whether an item is approved, cancelled, or a change has been requested. If this item is approved it is logged in the history, a notification is sent out to the initiator, and it is closed. We would like to set up an additional approval stage within this flexi task to request approval from management once the item has been approved by the team. The manager would then need to be able to approve this item, cancel / reject it, or request a change. Is there a way to set different stages within a flexi task that mimics the stages that can be set within SharePoint Designer / InfoPath? Photo is attached to show where the sub-flexi task or stage is needed for manager approval. Manager should be able to approve, reject/cancel, or ask for more changes. We would like them to be able to route it over to the other branches within the main flexi-task but not sure if that is a possibility.